UnderCover Waitress: Hooters Vindication

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hooters Vindication

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Hooters was in trouble, but the videotape has gotten them off the hook.

In short, a waitress was accused of serving liquor to an obviously intoxicated man. The video, however, shows a patron who does not present the signs of intoxication. The video negates claims made by police in their report as to the behavior of the restaurant patron.

The waitress is an 18 year-old single mother. There are so many social issues at work here that it is hard to know where to begin.

An 18 year-old single mother in today's economy is hard-pressed to find a way to support herself and her child in anything but poverty. Don't know if she even has a high school diploma. She may consider herself quite lucky to be making Hooters money. The young, pretty, and needy know that taking off their clothes is a great way to make money. She may have no other options as lucrative.

An 18 year-old female is more likely than others to be intimidated telling an "assertive" man, "No, I can't serve you." Most misogynists and drunks, alike, are not going to tolerate losing face to "a little girl." The fact that she is a woman and doing her job is beside the point. She is already in a position of inferiority for being undressed. Age and gender also work against her.

To be blunt, I've got a set of brass balls. At 5'1" tall, I have had the experience more than once of looking up at some yahoo who won't take his seat and telling him he won't be getting a drink. Fortunately, those times are few and far between.

Don't know how much the young Hooters waitress can rely on management to back her up, but I'll be they do. Restaurant managers and owners understand how easy it is to lose a liquor license. And that means losing a lot of money.

But the real crux is that the video shows the patron wasn't acting intoxicated. The article indicates that Hooters will not lose its liquor license and the case against the waitress will be dropped. So, why did the cops describe a series of events that seem to have never happened? Wonder if this particular Hooters location is being targeted.

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