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Friday, September 2, 2011

Blue Waitress

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Found this little gem on HubPages. Young woman has somehow survived five years working as a waitress, and is offering her advice to new recruits.

Blue, I like you, but five years is nuthin', honey. Talk to me in another fifteen. If you're still on the floor at that time.

Blue offers five ways to remain sane and relieve stress on the dining room floor:

Share With Others. 

Absolutely. That's what this blog, and many others like it, is all about.

Take a Moment and Figure Out What You are Making Per Hour. 

This is excellent advice. It has gotten me through many a night when I was drafting my resignation letter in my head. When I saw what I pulled in from 4:30 to 10:30, well, that letter never got written.

Be Proud.

Hey, I rock at my job. I separate people from their money. And quite often, they thank me for it!

Develop F*** It Mode.

Many a woman has gotten in touch with her inner bi*** on the dining room floor. Actually, it's a survival skill. I think some restaurant people eat their young, but that's another story.

Sometime, With Some Tables, Let Go of the Tip. 

Yup, agree with this one, too. Sometimes it is more fun and more satisfying to give diners a real response and make them see that a real, intelligent person sees them for what they are. Stupid and rude.

Good luck, Blue. Keep you back to the wall. 

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