UnderCover Waitress: Women With Children in the Workforce

Friday, August 19, 2011

Women With Children in the Workforce

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Stories like this make me wonder if there really are people out there who don't have mothers. Maybe they were spontaneously generated in primordial soup. Maybe they should go back to the black lagoon where they belong.

A young woman was promoted by her employer, a hotel that includes a restaurant. She had a full-time and well-paid management position.

A couple of months after her promotion, she learned she was pregnant. She was thrilled because she had the resources to support her child. When she told her employer about the pregnancy, the response was, "What do you plan to do?" Translation: "Are you going to keep it?"

Not sure why she would bother telling them if she didn't plan on bringing the pregnancy to term and raising her child.

Shortly after this meeting, she was demoted from manager to waitress. She was told her work was sub-par. The demotion, of course, put her in a position of little security and much less money. Depressed by the situation and scared for her future and the future of her child, she made the decision to abort.

Demotion of Pregnant Manager

The only good thing to come out of this is that the hotel is being held responsible for its discriminatory behavior. They must pay 29,000 pounds in compensation to the wronged employee. Nothing, of course, will bring back the child that she was, at one point, looking forward to raising.

The double-bind that women find ourselves in permeates all societies. If we breed, we cannot find work to support our children. And don't expect any social services to be available in these self-centered times of greed and financial uncertainty.

If our viable option is to simply not breed, the species will end. And if this is how we treat mothers, we deserve to go extinct.

The Price of Motherhood is one of my favorite books. Anne Crittenden gives a hard look at the statistics of motherhood, money, and options:

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