UnderCover Waitress: Tilted Kilt is in the News Again

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tilted Kilt is in the News Again

FB Fan Page:

Tiltled Kilt locations in Illinois just can't stay out of trouble. The Elgin location hosted "martial arts" fights which was against their license, which pales in comparison to people leaving the Tilted Kilt and going to the emergency room for stabbing wounds. Not exactly the same as running an errand on the way home...

Evanston rebelled against the Tilted Kilt and won. Kudos for Evanston!

The latest bruhaha is in Schaumberg. Residents are annoyed enough about waitress attire, or lack thereof. Now Tilted Kilt wants outdoor patio space so the young women can flash at passersby. Residents are fighting back and citing the Evanston victory.

“The men that come in there want more than just hot wings,” said one man, 66, who has reportedly lived in the community for more than three decades.

Of course, he is stating the obvious, but it needs to be said. The Tilted Kilt has never denied that it is pulling in male customers with the promise of sexual flirtation. However, it gets more disturbing:

However, (Tilted Kilt is) also aware that in order to keep customers coming through the door, there are many other things we have to 'show.'" (The Tilted Kilt website) then boosts its attractive "cast members," who strive to "'connect' with [their] guests."

When I first read that line, I thought they must be saying they know they need to offer good food and good service. But that didn't sound right. They talk about things they have to "show" and go strait into talking about waitresses -- so, what are we showing? More than just a midriff?

Waitresses are "cast members" who wear "costumes." Does making them sound like they are playing a role make it easier to treat them like sex toys?

And I don't want to share the image I get when I read "connect with their guests." Brothels have been known to sell drinks, but this is getting ridiculous.

When a restaurant is no longer a restaurant...

If you look at the picture of the waitresses in the article at Huffington Post, I think they look uncomfortable. They are sticking out their boobs and holding in their stomachs. Do they pose this way all night, or just for picture?
Huffington Post


  1. And it shows in my written expression. Anything specific about my prose that you found especially idiotic? Your ability to make an eloquent and well-argued point seems to be lacking.

  2. I've been to the Schaumburg Tilted Kilt a few times. They're not pretty. Mainly average. So regulars aren't going to be returning because of sex appeal. At least they don't have the overweight girls Hooters has (and Hoots has some really big ones). Truth is, these "brestaurants" are not nearly as selective as people think.


  3. well my ex worked there. she fucked customers if they left big tips and so did all the other girls. they are whores.


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