UnderCover Waitress: Nut Allergy Death

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nut Allergy Death

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Chen Efrat is dead at 26 years of age. After alerting her waitress that she had a nut allergy, she was served Nutella instead of nut-free Shahar. The paramedics at Magen David Adom hosptial valiantly attempted to resuscitate, but were unable to stabilize her and keep her alive.

The restaurant has "lost" their surveillance tapes. This restaurant has security cameras that monitor everywhere in the restaurant. The tapes are stored. Except for the tapes from the day that Chen Efrat was killed due to the actions of restaurant workers.

To make matters worse, Efrat had recently moved back to the area to care for her ailing parents. Her mother has cancer and her father has heart problems. They are suing the restaurant, as well they should.

Dead Woman's Parents Sue Coffee-Shop Over Nut-Related Death

I say this with compassion for the allergic, not derision: it may actually be safer not to eat in restaurants.

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