UnderCover Waitress: Cameron and Ariani

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cameron and Ariani

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Some are buzzing about David Cameron's trip to Italy. At a cafe, he ordered three cappuccinos. The waitress made the coffees for him but, before doing so, she told him he would have to walk them outside himself. She was too busy.

So, Mr. Cameron stood and waited while she made the coffees. Then, he walked them to his party at their outside table without any help.

Accordingly, he did not tip her. Nor should he.

She didn't do her job. As a waitress, I groan inside when people order espresso drinks. It takes much more time than pouring some coffees. But, espresso drinks are on the menu, so unless I am lucky enough that the machine is broken again, I smile and make their drinks. And I walk the drinks to the table. Even if the table is outside.

What do you think?

Two ways of looking at it:

Siding with the waitress.

Just the facts, ma'am. 


  1. I side with Cameron, too. I can't believe she told him to walk his beverages out to the table because she was too busy...if I did that, I would expect to be fired, not tipped.

    I dislike entitled custumers, but I also dislike entitled servers. They give their co-workers lists of groups of people they refuse to take like it is an optional part of the job. They bitch about a table when they are in earshot of said table, are openly rude to the custumer, do the bare minimum or less that is required to serve them. Then they are outraged that they weren't tipped. If you don't do your job, why do you believe that you deserve to be paid?

    As for Ariani...I suspect this was more of a publicity stunt for her than it was about the job or the tip. She probably was so rude to him in hopes that he would not tip her, so that she could start a media circus over the whole deal and get her fifteen minutes of fame.

  2. It was Italy. There are cappuccino rules, not like the UK or US where you can drink cappuccino any time, anywhere our of any container available. Seriously though, it is culturally odd to have coffee in the middle of the day outside and the restaurant was probably not staffed properly to service that. When in Rome..


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