UnderCover Waitress: What Traditions Do You Keep? #letsblogoff

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Traditions Do You Keep? #letsblogoff

This is my first #letsblogoff post. I found this group of bloggers on twitter; they agree to blog on a specific subject on the same day. Thought this was a very cool idea.

One tradition that is important to me that is very hard to keep as a waitress is Shabbat. Friday night at sundown marks the beginning of the Jewish sabbath day of rest. It lasts until Saturday night at sundown.

As a rather liberal Jew, I don't have too much trouble working on Saturday night even though it requires arriving before sundown. Friday night, however, has always held special meaning for me, and it has been nice to work at a restaurant that was relatively understanding. There are occasional Friday nights I am required to work, but I do have most of them off.

On Friday nights we light sabbath candles and say blessings over them. My young daughter gets excited when she realizes it must be Friday night and mommy is getting candles ready. We say blessings over wine and grape juice, then over special bread called challah. Challah is made with eggs and is braided before baking. Sometimes we add raisins to make it sweet.

Friday night is a time to rest and enjoy each other's company. No television, no computer, no gadgets. Just each other. Sometimes there are services, but most Friday nights we celebrate at home. A nice dinner, hanging out together and reading to the kids makes a typical Friday night. Saturday morning, there is always lots of challah to nosh on! 


  1. Welcome to Let’s Blog Off. We are always looking for new people to join our merry band of blogging warriors! I read your blog with a lot of interest. I respect your insistence on maintaining your own traditions. Not many do these days.


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