UnderCover Waitress: Traffic Faker ?!?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Traffic Faker ?!?

I have so much to say, and seem to almost always have a couple of weeks worth of posts waiting in the queu. On top of that, juicy news stories pop up often. So, instead of a Monday thru Friday schedule, will post Sunday thru Friday, six posts per week.

Looking at my sources of traffic, guess what I found? Traffic and Referral Faker. WTF?

So, now some idiot who wants to sell advertising space but doesn't get real traffic because he either can't write or is as boring as f*** can lie to some unsuspecting advertiser and pretend people go read his stuff from my blog.

Word to advertisers: you can't trust sites that want you to pay them to advertise for you. You will just need to check them out for yourself the old fashioned and time consuming way.

Heck, maybe I should sell advertising space to sellers of restaurant-type products. 
Forget about Adsense and affiliate links. 

Am rather annoyed about this:


  1. OMG! I am getting spammed from that site as well. I noticed a strange bump in traffic, and I didn't pay for it.

    What gives?

  2. Sounds like you are getting more traffic from it than I; hope that is not a bad thing. I am not sure entirely sure exactly how they use the "harvested" URLs. But the whole thing seems dishonest and creepy.

  3. I don't know how that happened I am not Hoppingmad, I am MICK.
    methinks Grimlems in the works

  4. Mick, I am including part of your post. Will not copy instructions to change htaccess or other files.


    Trafficfaker is a Nuisance referer spammer thats all.

    Trafficfaker is Just another piece of Spam Software, it leaves a link in your Web Log , this has a duel purpose 1 If your web Logs are public the spammer beleives that S/he will gain a back link , Google have already rubbished this , the only people making these claims are those building this rubbish. 2. A really foolish notion that the person who has just been spammed will then visit the website and make a purchase only a fool would buy from a spammer.

    If you are being spammed by trafficfaker you cant stop it, but you can return it, so lets see every time Trafficfaker spams a site the spam is returned, in effect the spammer is now spamming him self.

  5. Hi Again
    Trafficfaker is DEAD, The website is has been down for over two months now and the rubbish software is not available for purchase anywhere.
    I hope the developers are now putting their talents to better use. Happy new year to you all.

  6. Hi Mick, you are hoppingmad again. ;-) Thank you for the heads-up!

  7. I am also getting visits from this trafficfaker. I came here looking for more information about it. But I also get visits from sites tottaly unknown to me, with which I never had any relation. I think its a method to make people visit them, and so they will get more visits and hopefully sell something.

    Should I ask here something? What people think about this google statistics? is it something we can trust?

    1. Check out the forums on Black Hat World. (Just google them.) I expect you will find answers to your questions. And, yes, I believe google statistics and analytics are helpful and accurate.


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