UnderCover Waitress: Sexy Cafes Under Fire

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sexy Cafes Under Fire

The sexy Vietnamese cafes in Los Angeles that I mentioned in Twin Peaks Must Be White are under fire. The chief of police is cracking down, saying they must clean up their act by changing four things:
  1. Cafes must comply with no smoking laws.
  2. Cafes must not have tinted windows (tinted windows make it difficult to see what is going on inside from the street.) 
  3. Cafes must comply with no gambling laws. Arcade games in the cafes have been rigged for illegal gambling. 
  4. Waitresses may not show any breast below the areola. Article mentions no nudity. 
My first impression about this situation was that the police were cracking down on the cafes because they were non-white. Police agenda this morning: close down the nasty asian establishments with nearly-nude, yellow skinned waitresses. Meet you at Hooters for lunch where we will stare at nearly-nude, mostly white waitresses. Or better yet, let's go to Tilted Kilt where we can look at bare, white midriffs and watch white breasts falling out of push-up bras. Just so long as they don't show any breast below the areola. That is against the law.

As much as I enjoy the irony, methinks VQT411's comment on this latest article probably got it right:

This isn't about the skimpy outfit or the smoking. It's about untaxed revenue from illegal gambling that the city can't get their hands on. Period. Ever wonder why business with those stickers outside their windows showing their support (legal contributions) to their police, fire, etc tends to stay in business longer.

Good point. Personally, I'd be fine with the police requiring waitresses wear clothing as long as it was across the board. 

Police chief: Sexy cafes must clean up by Friday | cafes, ordinance, machines - News - The Orange County Register

Here is an update from the Associated Press: New Rules Target Vietnamese Cafes in Calif.  Got some real gems in this article.

"When you're running illegal gaming and further complicating the issue by having a quasi-strip bar ... you're attracting a different crowd than guys just going in there to have a cup of coffee,"

I just love it when people state the obvious. Actually, many of the cafe's regulars live closer to Starbuck's than to the Vietnamese cafes.

It's a stimulating environment," said Nguyen, of nearby Irvine. "Starbucks is boring."  

Intellectually stimulating conversation with one's buddies?

What began more than a decade ago with waitresses in skimpy outfits morphed into nudity.

My mistake -- something else is being stimulated. I'll bet, however, that nudity is an exaggeration. Never been to one of these cafes, myself.

We just serve coffee, wear bikinis, like Hooters," Tran said.

Told you Hooter's is no better re: nudity! Actually, a bikini is closer to Tilted Kilt.

"Now it is a little boring to just come and drink coffee and read the paper," she said.
Yup, and Starbuck's is closer to home.

I used to feel bad for these guys because I thought they were being discriminated against. Now, I am not so sure what to think. 


  1. Compared with what people wear on the streets, Hooters is probably more modest then what people wear no a days. Not only that a lot of Hooters I've been too have women of all races. You should really take a look at Hooter's According to Sauce. http://www.accordingtosauce.com/

  2. Sauce does a great job of talking passionately and intelligently about her job - doesn't change the fact that Hooters objectifies their employees to turn a buck.

  3. I have read Sauce's blog, thank you. The fact that a young woman feels this is okay does not lead me to believe that this is okay. Therefore, we disagree. Good to know black and Hispanic women have equal opportunity to be objectified for money. On a different but related note:
    Countless women with college degrees who work will balk and say, "I'm not a feminist." Yes, you are. If you vote, you are a feminist. If you enjoy higher education, you are a feminist. If you work, you are feminist. Don't like being a feminist? Go home and stay there.


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