UnderCover Waitress: Sexpresso is the Busted Breastaurant Trend

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sexpresso is the Busted Breastaurant Trend

The latest trend for predatory restaurants is "sexpresso." Espresso joints in the state of Washington  are requiring female baristas to wear bikinis or even to go completely topless. It has gotten bad enough that officials want to classify these coffee shops as "adult entertainment." This classification would require that only patrons 18 years of age and older could visit the coffee shops.

It seems as if they are taking over the area. Five new sexpresso shops in the same area in the same year is quite a statistic for the restaurant industry.

It is no wonder that area residents are upset. In the Seattle area, "Java Jugs" manager and employees have been arrested for permitting prostitution and prostitution. Slip a barista an extra $10 or $20, and she would let you see her boobs and allegedly her crotch.

None of this surprises me. It's like a slippery slope. Starts with requiring less and less clothing of female employees. Once your operating under near nudity, you know people aren't coming in for the food. More skin = more money. And if they don't get caught, turning tricks is next.

I'm going to get slammed for bringing Hooters into this, but it goes with the slippery slope argument and is highly relevant. Hooters is not "wholesome." The very fact that they tell you they are wholesome is evidence that they know they are not. ("I think she doth protest too much.") My boss doesn't have to tell everybody his restaurant is "wholesome." It just is. Appropriate clothing and demeanor are required at all times.

Breastaurants and sexpresso shops are havens for predatory behavior. Hooters claims to be wholesome but the "girls" know darn well what they are being paid for -- sexuality. Tilted Kilt says its all about comfort, but the uniforms don't look that comfortable. I wonder if all of the young waitresses working at the Honey Shack are aware what the "honey" refers to.

I hope the town officials succeed in getting sexpresso shops classified as adult entertainment (or better yet, simply shut down.) At least then, people would stop pretending its about good coffee.

Stay home and make your own coffee!        

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