UnderCover Waitress: Service With A Shrug

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Service With A Shrug

I like checking in with the Eatrocracy blog on CNN. "Service With A Shrug" made some salient points. Not that I haven't argued in the past, and will continue to argue, that poor service deserves a smaller tip than good service.

Aren't you done yet?
Somebody comes in later on a slow night. Instead of offering a second glass of wine (which would have been accepted) and giving pleasant, professional service, the wait staff seem to have taken the attitude that they would rather this couple simply go home. A good way to ensure that all of your nights are quiet is to treat customers in this fashion. People talk.

Another thing about slow nights: waitresses and waiters have nothing better to do than give good service. The battle cry of the overworked, poorly tipped waitress is that she got to her many tables as quickly as she possibly could, and couldn't the customers see how hard she was working? On a slow night, there is absolutely no excuse for not getting back to a table to see how everything is, or to offer additional items. And good customer service means staying open. 

The art of giving good table service is full of subtle details that people either blow off as unimportant or simply don't think about at all. If more waiters and waitresses thought about the subtle cues they send customers, they would make bigger tips.

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  1. Agreed. My restaurant closes at midnight. I can understand why closers get upset and/or rude to people who come in at 11:45 to have coffee, dessert, and/or watch a late night program until 1 in the morning (believe me, it happens). Frankly, those people are rude and all too happy to waste others' time. I wouldn't care to have them, even at a reasonable hour.

    I never understood, however, why they would get mad post-10 crowd is what gives the closer her monetary edge over other servers. I've even had one chic whine that a certain party who comes in at 9:45 'never tips her well'. Yeah, because you're all huffy. You talk about them to the hostess where they can hear you.

  2. Um, that is 'why they would get mad at people who come in at 10:15. Especially since the post-10 crowd is what gives the closer her monetary edge over other servers.

  3. At 9 p.m., we close relatively early. But nobody is going home before 11 or midnight; there is plenty to do. I'd rather leave with more money, not less...


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