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Friday, July 15, 2011

Please Don't Insult the Waitress

Okay, okay, its a small thing, but its the type of small thing that I notice.

I kept waiting tables. I was working at Carmelo's in St. Paul and decided I didn't want to be just a waitress my whole life.

Now, I am happy for Heather Ward. She is a successful eatery owner and is profiled in the below article. Mazel tov!  :-)

"Just a waitress." Please, please, don't insult waitresses and waiters. Some people are career wait staff, and I prefer to work with and be waited on by them rather than somebody who is distracted or embarrassed to be "just a waitress." I wonder how many "just a waitresses" work for Ms. Ward? "Just a waitress" does not do her job well because she would rather be doing something else. "Just a waitress" at Acme Deli certainly knows that she is looked down upon by the owner, and it certainly effects her job performance and loyalty.

Of course, this may simply be a small slip, and Ms. Ward may be a great person to work for. Sometimes former waitresses make the best restaurant bosses because they have a clue. (Sometimes.)

Our society looks down on people who hold jobs, honest employment, because the job isn't good enough. Then society expects the "just a worker" type employees to do a great job for the rest of us while being devalued. If "just a janitor" left things dirty, things would get really gross.  How about "just a grocery clerk?" Better check your receipt carefully. If "just a teacher" stopped caring -- well, yeah.

No wonder people don't want to take jobs that are, well, beneath them.

Faces: Q&A with Heather Ward, owner of Acme Deli in St. Paul - TwinCities.com

Let your child show his or her pride that you are a not "just a waitress," but the greatest waitress:

Toddler T-shirt: My Mom is the World's Greatest Waitress
Wear with pride. ;-)

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