UnderCover Waitress: Newest Breastaurant is Named Double-D Ranch

Monday, July 18, 2011

Newest Breastaurant is Named Double-D Ranch

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Would have passed over this latest insult to the dignity of young women if it weren't for the absolutely hilarious comment by VLFD:

New restuarant coming to town! Located at the entrance to Caldwell Zoo! Called Peckers and BallsMen must be willing to wait tables with only a white bib around his neck! Family friendly place! Come eat with us! Veal and Sausage on the menu!

Thank you for that, VLFD. Also, if you ever want to open "Peckers and Balls" please do contact me. Just go to the Contact Me page to the left. :-) I would happily get involved in such an endeavor simply to force people to deal with the blatant sexism involved.

Tilted Kilt likes to brag that their male bartenders also wear kilts. So, what? They wear shirts that cover their torsos and kilts that go down to the knees. That is to say, unlike their female colleagues the male employees of Tilted Kilt are fully clothed.

Thanks most likely to a failed economy, people are getting desperate and more predators and pimps are using scantily clad young women in order to get people to come in and spend money on food who cares what?

And if you still think I am over reacting, please check out the slide show at Business Insider:
Breastaurants Taking Over the Restaurant Industry. 

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  1. I don't blame you for being upset about such establishments. Even though I'm a man, I avoid such places. It is an exploitation of women for their bodies, and men for their money. As a married Christian, I can't go places like that which place seeds of unwholesome thoughts that would not be fair or true to my wife, to whom I have committed my life before God.


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