UnderCover Waitress: Modern Art Sculpture

Friday, July 29, 2011

Modern Art Sculpture

I am not usually one to make fun of art, but today it is hard to resist...

On a recent foray to a Museum of Modern Art, discovered this treasure on the fourth floor. My apologies to the artist for failing to take a snapshot of the information blurb that went with the sculptures. Was touring on childrens' schedules and wanted to see as much as I could before the young ones burned out.

For those of you who never leave your home ;-), these are mussel shells. Some consider the tender meat of the mussel to be a delicacy, others consider them tref. Every night at the restaurant, diners greedily suck the meat, garlic and tomato in wine broth out of these shells and toss empty shells, licked clean, into a bowl. (I thank them to slurp quietly.)

I have come to understand that these bowls of empty shells represent art. And every night, we throw away bowl after bowl after bowl... we are plebeian ingrates who wouldn't recognize sculpture if it crashed onto our rooftops.

For shame, restaurant industry. For shame.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York is a must-see for anyone lucky enough to visit Manhattan. While the sculptures and architectural artistic endeavors on the lower floors are interesting, don't miss the fifth floor. This is where paintings by Matisse, early Picasso, and Monet are housed. Not to mention Van Gogh, whose Starry Night enjoys a central spot. After touring museums for days, my mother humorously wondered how much Van Gogh is housed in his museum in Amsterdam; there is so much Van Gough in New York.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. I've been leaving art all over town and had no idea. :-)


  2. That's hysterical! Rufus, I do hope you are cleaning up your art and not leaving it for others to admire...


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