UnderCover Waitress: McDonald's or Tilted Kilt

Monday, July 25, 2011

McDonald's or Tilted Kilt

FB Fan Page: 

I wonder how managers and franchise owners of Tilted Kilt would respond if they knew their business has been compared to McDonald's? Check it out:

If you go to McDonald’s and order a Big Mac, whether in San Diego or Boston, you expect to get the exact same sandwich. Tilted Kilt fully understands this consistency concept and implements it very well with their franchisees. I have personally toured their Tempe based franchise training facility and was HIGHLY impressed. The training really covers the gamut of their concept.

I am not quite sure which is funnier: the fact that the two have been put together in the same sentence, or the fact that the author thinks he or she was giving a compliment. Also, would love to have some CEO of McDonald's respond by attempting to distance McDonald's from Tilted Kilt on the basis that all employees of McDonald's are required to be fully clothed, not nearly naked. Which brings me to the last sentence in the above quote. Not sure I understand it as I thought Tilted Kilt's concept has absolutely nothing to do with food.

The Tilted Kilt is all about chick fights, cage matches, and stabbings.

And speaking of bad franchise food, have you read Fast Food Nation yet? 

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