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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Live Music and Wine

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Had a rare and much appreciated opportunity to spend an evening out with my husband and nobody else. I love my children dearly, but my other half and I rarely get to "go out on a date," so it was grand fun.

It is hot and humid and muggy in the NE this time of year. (I know, I am actually in the Bermuda Triangle, but let's pretend.) Living in an area in which winter is harsh and hazardous, summer heat brings people out in droves for fun and socialization.

So, hubby and I found ourselves during the latter part of the evening at a lovely (air-conditioned) little tapas bar; I sipping cold, white wine and the two of us perched at a high table. For an additional treat, there was live music. Excellent.

David and Dennis. Nice guys; Dennis hails from France and had never been to the states (oops -- I mean the triangle) before. So far, he is impressed. They have gigs around the area every night for a number of weeks.

David and another of his musical companions has a beautiful, large accordian that is silver in color. It was played by a woman whom I did not have the pleasure of meeting. David said that during his travels he was stopped once by a rather curious sort who asked if David was a writer. At little taken aback, David wondered why this person thought so. It was because of the "beautiful typewriter" that David travels with.
Mama's got a squeeze box,
Daddy never sleeps at night!

There was one "rock" well, more like "soft rock" maybe piece in which the lead vocalist repeated the chorus, "We made love." I am quite honest about the fact that I am a prude, and it was interesting to be aware of my own mild discomfort with this discussion of carnal impulses. I finally turned to my husband and said, "I thought you weren't supposed to kiss and tell."

Yes, I am a prude, and the repetition of such lyrics does make me uncomfortable. And I try not to show it 'cuz I know that everybody else doesn't have the same delicate sensibilities and I don't want to come off as a dweeb. So I make jokes. Humor is a wonderful tool to ease tension and to deal with the discomfort of almost any situation while making it better. Some people say we either laugh or cry. I appreciate the honesty in humor.

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