UnderCover Waitress: Walking the Floor

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walking the Floor

I started writing this tongue-in-cheek post awhile ago, but with the onslaught of news stories about "breastaurants" I think I have to publish now. The author of "Cleavage, Beer, and Bad Food" hit the nail on the head when he referred to restaurant managers using young women's sexuality to make money as really being something that rhymes with "shrimp."


Walking the Streets at Night Floor of the Restaurant

In this business, we always arrive early to put on costumes and make up set up the restaurant. At 5:00 p.m. the show dinner service begins.

My pimp The manager gives me two johns tables at the beginning of the evening. I walk over to squat, touch the table, and flirt recite the specials of the evening. The men stare at my boobs. I welcome this because it earns me tips. I bounce a little and try to sell them beer.  I cross my arms uncomfortably and offer to take a drink order.

I leave the table and "accidentally" drop my pencil so I have to bend over to pick it up. make their drinks.

I deliver the drinks and make sure to let them see my cleavage as I lean over the table. and answer questions about the dishes on the menu this evening. Then I take their order and perform more bouncing and touching while they watch. give it to the kitchen right away. 

Can you see what is
wrong with this picture?
After delivering their food, I return to the table to sit and chat and let them stare at my body, and also to ask them if they need "anything" else. ask if everything is satisfactory or if they would like fresh pepper. 

After the meal, they ask if they can have me for dessert. I deliver dessert menus.

At the end of the evening, the manager pinches my ass tells me I did a good job. I give the appropriate tip-outs to my pimps co-workers. The hostess thinks I stiffed her, so she cuts my lip and beats me up checks my sales to make sure I am being honest. 

When all is finished for the evening, my manager tries to get me to have sex with him asks if I want a shift drink and tells me to have a good night. 

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