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Friday, June 24, 2011

Waitress on Customer Service Complaints

"Ready to order" means you have
already opened your menu.
Don't make me tell you again. 
You go, girl! This woman needs a blog.

Waitress rips into entitled young yuppies who wasted precious space in her section on an extremely busy night. They pulled the classic "we are ready to order" and then started perusing the menu as if for the first time. I hate that.

But that is not all they did... The culmination of the evening was their having the audacity to write her a note that ten percent was "being generous."

To the Douchebags Who Wrote a "Dear Waitress" Note | I, Anonymous

This is great rant and a good read. Anonymous waitress, if you see this, contact me. Would love to let you guest post! :-) 

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  1. What this waitress's rant really underscores (for me, anyway) is the deferential paralysis imposed by the work environment. Entitled, clueless patrons can't be told off: That's the reality of the emotional labor requirement. So she has to carry it around until she can discharge the anger. If she could have said something to them, if she could have spoken truth to power (the power of the purse), I think her anger would have been less extreme. But the strictures that prevented her immediate response also intensified it, IMHO.


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