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Friday, June 17, 2011

Waitress Nightmares

Theo Pauline Nestor has not worked as a waitress for twenty years. She still, however, has nightmares about it.

 That is my take on this story, anyway. Actually, it is an article about dreams known as anxiety dreams. Dr. Marcia Emery is a dream expert based in Berkeley, California. Speaking of anxiety dreams, she states:

It often goes back to the time when these feelings were first generated -- when you first felt overloaded or overworked or overwhelmed.

Sweet Dreams!
Anxiety dreams are the ones in which you show up for a test and can't remember anything, or go to school with no clothes on, or are on stage but can't remember your lines. Or, if you are Nestor, its the dream in which you have too many tables and by the time you get the orders put in the kitchen has already gone home.

Hey, I think we can all relate to feeling overloaded, overworked, and overwhelmed on the dining room floor. And I absolutely love this quote:

Why do so many of these repetitive dreams take us back to high school, college or those horrible first jobs?

Um, waitressing isn't my first job... but, I sure hope in twenty years I am not dreaming about it.

Anxiety Dreams


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