UnderCover Waitress: Topless Bar Controversy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Topless Bar Controversy

Well, while I'm busy griping about "the man" preying on women by requiring waitresses be clothed for the beach, not the dining room, the industry continues to rake the money in. And I think a small farming community in Michigan noticed.

With a name like "Crump" you figure the neighborhood does not compete with Reno. Cows, corn, wide open skies... Under those skies are hard-working, withered old farmers and their wives. Times are tough. People don't pass through as much anymore, so the town doesn't get as much business as it used to.

So, let's have them waitresses at the local bar go topless. That'll bring more people to town.

Actually, a lot of these farmers and their families are unimpressed. To quote one resident of Crump:

To have women parading around that bar topless in an effort to make some more tips is degrading to women and doesn't belong in our community.

21 year old Cyndi Brady (is that her real name?) claims she thinks it's great because it will bring more business to town. Easy for her to say -- she doesn't work there. She works at the convenience store across the street and is hoping that breasts in the bar will increase her business, too. Heck, Cyndi, if its slow just take your own top off. I wonder if this young woman isn't named after a sickly-sweet television character and just snowed the interviewer.  (?)

What really gets me is that of the stories I can find on this subject, nobody asked the waitresses how they felt. They are not decoration, they are people. Sheesh.

The decision -- and its aftermath -- is expected within 30 days. Will the Silver Derby Bar, 506 N. Garfield Road in Crump, Michigan go topless? I'll be staying tuned.

Read the eye-popping story here. 

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