UnderCover Waitress: Tip on the Pre-Discounted Meal

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tip on the Pre-Discounted Meal

Article on the changing social mores about eating out in a restaurant with a coupon. Of course, the most important thing to me in the article was this:

Although they might disagree about the best way to save at a restaurant, the Douglasses don't cheap out on the tip. "We both used to be servers, so we know better," said John. They tip 20 percent on the pre-discounted amount.

Under Cover's Coupon Rules:

  1. Don't be afraid to use a coupon. If we didn't want you to use one, we wouldn't offer them. 
  2. Let us know right away that you have a coupon. Please do not wait for the last minute; sometimes the manager needs to make a notation in the computer and not letting us know right away will delay your exit. And it will be your fault, not slow service. 
  3. If you prefer to be discreet, instead of just placing the coupon on the table, then mention it to the manager or hostess. Nobody has to scream, "hey, they've got a coupon!" 
  4. If the coupon is expired, throw it away. Period. 
  5. If you get 2 entrees, one half off, don't gripe when the lesser priced entree is comp'd. You're more trouble than you are worth at that point. 
  6. Read the rules on the coupon: an 18% tip may be included. 
  7. Tip 20% on the PRE-DISCOUNT meal price. The coupon is for the food; there is no coupon for the service. 
Follow these rules and come back any time with your head held high. We will be happy to see you. 

Customers I have been unhappy with: 

Honor my expired coupon!
The woman who stuck an expired coupon in with her bill and expected us just to honor it. She was at my colleague's table; of course, the waitress simply approached and informed that the coupon had expired. In the back, however, there was steam coming out of her ears because the customer was so pretentious. 

But my least favorite guy was the arse that didn't take no for an answer. We were so darn busy, and I was filling in as hostess. Kept ranting and raving about how he spends so much money at our business, we should honor the expired coupon. (Of course, if he can spend so much money, why does he need the coupon so bad?) He tried to push past me to get into the kitchen to talk to the chef/owner. You have to be a bully to be willing to exhibit such behavior. I did not call the police because I did not want to destroy the festive mood in the restaurant, but I could have. 


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  2. "Tip 20% on the PRE-DISCOUNT meal price. The coupon is for the food; there is no coupon for the service."

    It depends. If the price is for example not something for free, but just for example $4 off 2 entrées for example, all that is, is the restaurant lowering the price, so it IS VERY FAIR to tip based on the lowered price just as when the prices go up due to inflation we all tip based on that higher price.

    Now, if the food is completely free or it is a large amount off like $10 or more off, I will agree ONLY if the service is good. If the service sucks, I could care less to pay well for bad service and will not consider the discount when tipping. If I get good service, YES, I agree if the food is free or a large amount is off your bill, that you shouldn't go by the discounted price to tip, that you should go by the original bill. If something is free or a large amount off the bill , you are getting it served for free if you don't tip on that item.

    Basically, what I am saying is, BE FAIR. It's not fair that we all tip higher than we did 5 yrs ago for example. A good example is I somehow remember that Chili's use to have their baby back ribs for $13.99 for a full rack in 2005. NOW the ribs are $17.49. Why you should get more money, because NOW the price is higher, but when it's OUR TURN to get the price lowered, we can't get OUR TURN? My point is, since you all are getting your turn all the time when the prices go higher, that means when the prices are lowered through a coupon, you should go by the discounted bill. It's ONLY FAIR!!

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