UnderCover Waitress: Tilted Kilt Lawsuit

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tilted Kilt Lawsuit

I think we will all be in agreement that the alleged behaviors are unacceptable:
  • managers licking waitress' ears
  • managers using a straw to shoot water down waitress clothing
  • managers grabbing waitresses
The lawsuit filed by current and former waitresses at a Tilted Kilt in Chicago (SEE NEW POST WITH LANGUAGE FROM LAWSUIT HERE) also allege that the manager would discuss pornography with customers in a very loud voice. 

Remember Tilted Kilt? This is the peek-a-boob restaurant that requires waitresses wear a bra-like top and a tiny mini-skirt. Here is a comment left by someone at the Chicago Tribune's online article about the lawsuit:

I do not usually promote the "blame the victim" mentality that accompanies so many women's allegations, but in this case it fits. When you apply for a position that requires you to wear underwear to work, that is harrassment in itself. If part of your job description is to show 9 inches of your stomach, you are basically sexually harrassing yourself by working there. This manager deserves to be fired, but the complaintants need to do some serious introspection.

While I would not say the waitresses harassed themselves, the commenter does have a point. What s/he is missing is the possible predicament that some women find themselves in; for example, needing a job during a time when jobs are few and far between. Personally, I think the predators who create these jobs are despicable, and in better economic times there would not be as many young women lining up to wait tables nearly naked. The environment is predatory.

Yes, I know, some would still be there because they think its fun, and they haven't gotten hurt (yet). Still others would still be there to continue a pattern of being preyed upon that started when they were little and defenseless. And plenty of others would choose greener pastures, if such pastures were available.

The words of the CEO are still ringing in my ears, "sexy-classy, not sexy-trashy." Yeah, right.



  1. I agree with your parting comment. The CEO actually had the nerve to call this "sexy classy"? Wow!! In what skewed world is working in a bra that shoves your breasts out the top, and a skirt that requires waxing of a woman's nether regions. Hint- there is a reason they are called "your privates"!

    1. Lol -- "a reason they are called 'your privates'" good one! :-)

      You would be shocked (or not?) to know how many people ask if Tilted Kilt waitresses wear panties.... >sigh<

    2. That's because traditionally Scottish men don't wear underwear with a kilt.

  2. How is that sanitary, hope they shave!
    The things women have to put up with to have and keep jobs. Even if you are wearing a turtleneck and long pants. Nothing "classy" about having your naughty bits in display for pay.

  3. I've worked at two of the so-called "breasturants" and reading articles like this don't put me off from my job. Yes, some managers are complete pervs, but it's not limited to places where the women are scantily clad. I've worked at an office where the whole black slacks and professional blouse were required, and still higher-ups were highly inappropriate. It's these establishments that get the articles published and read the most.
    There is a common gap in articles such as this one, that bash these jobs and call out harassment- at the beginning of the hiring process, the girls are shown an employee in her attire and it is confirmed that she understands and accepts the costume. (Yes, usually they are called costumes, not uniforms.) If a girl decided that she did not want to show off her stomach or wear a skirt (which is very similar to a cheerleading outfit), she could walk out and find a 'black pants' restaurant.
    That's all I've really got to say, I thought I'd tell it from a former employee view. Yes, we wear skirts and midriffs or tanks and short-shorts- and make bank on tips- but the bottom line is that if we did not want to, we wouldn't.

    1. I agree that predators work in all sorts of locations. Had a lawyer try to get me to flirt and giggle with him until I complained to my boss. I was certainly fully clothed as a legal secretary.

  4. NO YOUR ABSOLUTELY WRONG! The bottom line is that you have to stand up for yourself period! The do this because they think and know they are going to get away with it. Its only until their asses are on the line do things change. By not doing anything about it, your telling them and others like them, thats its ok to do and you accepted it. The problem only gets worse if you do nothing about it. Do you really want some total stranger groping you and the only thing that happens to that person is that they are asked not to come in again. The feeling of being violated / raped doesnt escape your mind, but for businesses like this, its back to normal. Get some self respect!

  5. In Myrtle Beach, SC a Tilted Kilt girl was murdered by one of her customers. See it here..www..facebook.com/findheatherelvis. It is sad!

    1. How do you know she was murdered by a customer at TK?


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