UnderCover Waitress: Stealing Tips From Tables

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stealing Tips From Tables

One of the nice things about our little restaurant is the fact that we are small and we employees get to know each other. We even build a level of trust, take payment for each other, and stack each other's bill holders near the computer.

I was clearing a table as a favor to a colleague one shift, and the woman sitting at the next table yelled at me "That is for the server!" I had picked up the bill holder that had cash in it in order to wipe the table. I looked at the woman square in the eye and said,

"Yes, I know it is. I will give it to her." I wiped the table and walked off, still holding the bill holder. I think the woman was still yammering on about how it wasn't for me. Of course I delivered it to my colleague.

Unfortunately, this type of stealing does happen. At a dive diner I worked at a long time ago, I have no doubt that the customer did not "forget" to tip me. He was a regular. Another waitress had it in for me and I am certain she stole my tip.

Customers steal tips, as well. We have a regular customer that a manager warned me not to leave bill holders with cash around when she is in the restaurant. Manager watched this customer steal money off of a table in a different restaurant. We have memories. Maybe she only did it once; maybe she has an ongoing problem with sticky fingers. No point in risking it, however.

Also remember when I was in college and hanging out at a popular local bar and restaurant. Another student confessed that he was swiping tips from tables to buy himself more drinks. His "starving student" sob story pales in comparison, of course, to the stories of the starving students working honestly for those tips.

Article is about a guy who got caught swiping tips off of tables to pay his own bill. So, yeah, people do get caught, at least sometimes.

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