UnderCover Waitress: Staring at Waitresses

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Staring at Waitresses

I love checking out the keyword searches that bring people here. Here is an interesting question:

is a man staring at a waitress considered harrasment? 

Technically, no, I don't think so. I mean, if he were deliberately doing it to make her uncomfortable then yes, that is a form of harassment. A hard allegation to prove, I would think, as he could easily claim he wasn't staring and didn't realize he was making her uncomfortable.

Harassment issues aside, it is rude to stare at people. It might not be illegal, but it is quite rude.

Unlike many "fun, party atmosphere" places to work in which waitresses are required to show skin, waitresses where I work are required to cover ourselves. Had a colleague (and good friend) get in trouble for wearing a sleeveless shirt and having her bra strap show in the middle of summer. She was also asked not to wear a certain skirt that had a slit in it. Now, I love my friend, but I do side with the manager on this one.

I may be a prude but I'm not ugly, and I have had plenty of eyes bore into my chest or appraise my ankles, believe it or not. I never called it harassment, just rude. I don't stare at guy's crotches or look them up and down like I'm appraising the fatted calf.

I couldn't help but wonder if whoever typed in the above search frequents "peek-a-boobie" restaurants and so is unsure if its okay to stare. It's never okay to stare. But I think "peek-a-boobie" patrons are the type who like to partake in staring behavior. 


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