UnderCover Waitress: The Reddit Alien Hates Me

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Reddit Alien Hates Me

A colleague promoted some of my funny posts (well, okay, he and I think they are funny) on Reddit.  My page views skyrocketed with the influx. Here is the interesting thing: his link karma went down because people were voting down Under Cover Waitress posts. But the increased page views continue.

So, Reddit hates my stuff but keeps coming back for more? Am very confused at the moment. The world of blogging is as full of surprises as the world of waitressing.


  1. You never know what happens in this blogging world, perhaps dislikes actually mean favorable? Hopefully someone will venture over and say something about what it means. I once worked as a waitress and so enjoy the reveals you share with us everyday. A noble profession where you get acquainted with everyone and is never boring.

  2. Thanks -- glad you like the blog. :-) Waitressing is many things, boring is not one of them!


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