UnderCover Waitress: Mom's Restaurant Is The Best Kind

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mom's Restaurant Is The Best Kind

And we close this week of posts with the best kind of "breastaurant" there is: Mom's Breastaurant. Mom's Breastaurant creates a family friendly atmosphere at public, outdoor events.

This is, of course, what boobs are for. Not for men to ogle, but for babies and children to be nourished.

Mom's Breastaurant sets up booths at outdoor events with comfortable chairs and cool shade. Mothers can sit and nurse their children comfortably with like-minded members of other families. Mom's Breastaurant also sets up fully-equipped diaper changing facilities, so they are a real boon for families that like to attend outdoor events.

Consider a donation to Mom's Breastaurant, and have a great weekend.

Addendum: People have to serve alcohol to pregnant women, but want to refuse service to nursing moms? What type of mothering are we rewarding in this society, and what message are we sending children? That their needs don't matter. 


  1. I'm a female. i'm conservative when it comes to public "displays." Breast feeding for some reason really irks me. I understand "oh, baby needs food" or "it's my right" but COME ON. Maybe i've seen one too many trashy moms flop their bare tit out in the middle of a restaurant to feed their child with no blanket or covering WHATSOEVER over the table, but i refuse to serve a woman who does so. I find it inappropriate, distracting, rude and classless to do so in public without the appropriate covering. Perhaps this was a joke post, okay, i get that. I hope that. But it's one of those things that i cannot handle.

  2. How said for you. You seem to have accepted society's sick misunderstanding of what breasts are and why we have them. If you refuse to serve a breastfeeding mother whose child is actively nursing, I hope you get sued for discrimination. Many states are recognizing that a mother's right to feed her child is a civil right -- both for her and the child.

    The post was absolutely NOT a joke post, but perhaps you will seek therapy and come to terms with your own hostility toward nursing mothers. Nursing is simply how mammals feed their children and something you should be able to "handle" considering you are one. The one time it is appropriate for a breast to be partially revealed, or just simply used while revealed, all Hell breaks loose. How sad.

  3. Perhaps you missed the parts about "no covering whatsoever" and "without appropriate covering." I do have a problem with that part. It does not mean that I am a child, nor that I need therapy. I do not have hostility toward nursing mothers. If a woman wants to feed her child, that is fine. But if a woman feels the need to do so in a full restaurant, with her child leaning over her lap as she eats a full meal over his bare head (which yes, i have seen on more than one occasion as a server,)why is it that I am the one that has the problem? When I have multiple other tables requesting to leave, move or ask the woman to cover herself for the comfort of the guests, I am the one that loses.

    Perhaps I came about it a bit strongly, but my opinion still stands. I don't think it is appropriate for a restaurant atmosphere for one to not take others into consideration. And yes, it is distracting to other guests. All I am asking for is a little bit of discretion/cover and consideration. I know I'll still figure out what's going on, but that doesn't mean I need to watch.

  4. I'm 59 years old, and I know what boobies are for. I am conservative about this too. I think that's what breast pumps are for. My gay friend calls moms who are indiscreet when nursing in public "boobie terrorists". I was raised in a different time, and truly do not see the point in exposing yourself in public for any reason. Bring a bottle of breast milk with you if you must bring your baby to a restaurant. Personally, I preferred people leave their small children at home when I was a waitress. I don't go out to eat to listen to screaming children and crying babies. I used to only go to restaurants that forced people to control their kids or leave. I worked at one once, and had to ask a couple to leave because their 4 year old was throwing a tantrum. They were really angry...at ME!!! Like Anonymous says, I'm the one who loses if my tables get up and walk out. Oh, and I've always been like this, so it's not an old lady thing.

  5. Let me start by saying that I've been following your coverage of "breastaurants" and I've been amused, informed, and happy to finally find someone with the common sense to understand that these kinds of portrayal of women are damaging to our rights at a fundamental level that shouldn't be ignored.

    Likewise, I'm behind you 100% on this one too, Under Cover. I've seen so many tits in my lifetime, on tv, on the internet, at the beach, at the club... It's actually refreshing to see an exposed boob serving the purpose it was meant to serve.

    Yes, some people might get put off and the waitress loses out. That sucks. But it's not the mother's fault: blame the society that has indoctrinated us into thinking that natural, beautiful things are somehow dirty, while using "dirty" images to sell commodities is apparently just fine. And yes, I'd much rather people leave their kids at home, but come on, that's not realistic. And if the kid is sucking on that tit, we don't have to hear it scream! I can certainly get behind that.

    Don't let these people bring you down, Under Cover. Ignorant/indoctrinated people are everywhere.


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