UnderCover Waitress: Language Barrier

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Language Barrier

We had a beautiful dish on the menu for awhile with a name from a foreign language. A colleague who was also a native speaker taught us all how to pronounce the dish correctly. Others who had taken classes in the specific language concurred that this was correct pronunciation.

Imagine my surprise when a customer made a point of arguing with me and telling me I was pronouncing his chosen entree incorrectly. Making the mistake of respecting his intelligence, I explained the proper pronunciation and why the word was said that way.

He got red in the face, fidgeted uncontrollably, and started yelling at me about how he had studied with somebody who was a native speaker. (Lot of good it did him.) Because I know I'm not perfect (that makes one of us) I did check with my colleague to make sure I was correct.

My mistake that evening was respecting the intelligence of this fool and believing that having accurate information was more important than getting the last word. Silly of me. It is a sad commentary on humanity that the "servant" must pretend that customers are smart and right when they are stupid and wrong. And yes, he did dock my pay because I knew something he didn't.

Waited on him numerous times since then. He ordered that same dish every time and mispronounced it, nice and loud, so that I would get his point. He probably ate that damn dish 'til he was utterly sick of it, just to enjoy the opportunity to stick it to me. Serves him right.

Demanding that you are right does not make you right.    


  1. What an a$$hole! It reminds me of the time a man was telling the people at his table how he knew how many days were in each month by using a method his teacher taught him. While I was there he said, "July has 30"...and was going to continue when I said "July has 31 days." He looked at me and said no, and continues to show off with his stupid knuckle thing. I said again that July has 31 days and he says to me with sarcasm and irritation, "What MAKES you THINK that July has 31 days?" I leaned over to him and said "Because my birthday is on July 31st." Don't talk to me like I'm some kind of a f*cktard when I know I'm right.

    People like that are jerks. You should have your colleague go out and laugh at him if he does it again, and tell him he's pronouncing it wrong. And when he starts to sputter and spit she can tell him she's a native and knows better than he would. LOL Oh how good it is when we can make them look stupid, even if it's only in our fantasies. =)

  2. ROFLMAO!!! That is classic. Must follow it up with "but what do I know? I'm just a stupid waitress." I really think it is a combination of not just being too arrogant to be corrected, but being corrected by the lowly servant class. Thank you so much for posting that! :-)


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