UnderCover Waitress: Hooters Restaurants Closing

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hooters Restaurants Closing

Article is about closing Hooters franchise locations, mostly in the Seattle area. Good for Seattle.

But the closing sentence was too much of a gem to pass by:

When the Renton and South Park Hooters restaurant-casinos opened in 2009, some called them “too classy” for those neighborhoods.

Really? Am hard-pressed to imagine anything that smacks of lower class level than watching scantily-clad young women hula-hoop and jump around while scarfing down chicken wings. (I may start sounding like a broken record this week, but keep reading. It gets interesting.)

Hooters in Florida sued another restaurant for copying their waitress attire because the other business dressed waitresses in black tank tops and black running shorts. The decision came down in 2004 that Hooters tank top and shorts are not covered by trade dress protection (the picture of the owl can be trademarked, however.)

Feminist Law Professors quote the WSJ Law Blog writing on the decision:

Also, reasoned the trial court judge, the “Hooters Girl” is “the very essence of Hooters’ business,” whose “predominant function is to provide vicarious sexual recreation, to titillate, entice, and arouse male customers’ fantasies.” Therefore, it had a “primarily functional” purpose and was not entitled to trade dress protection.

There it is in black and white, folks. Hooters does not employ waitresses. Hooters employs sex objects and boy toys.

Classy? Legal? Really?


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