UnderCover Waitress: Have You Waited on This Person?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Have You Waited on This Person?

How many of us have waited on this person?

'Educated' Snob Berates Train Conductor for No Good Reason

It would be funny if it weren't true. All of us in service positions, train conductors, waitresses, and others take turns dealing with snobs who assume they are better than everybody else. Woe be to the lowly service employee who has self-respect.

I love the way the train conductor handled herself. She remained calm and kept her voice at a conversational level. She had good boundaries; she said simply that she did not want the rider touching her. That is to say, she did not scream and slap the woman for laying hands on her. I'd prefer not to have demanding customers grabbing at me, but when people at my tables reach out in a friendly fashion it does not bother me very much.

And of course, our well-educated customer riding the train pulled the predictable trump card. "I want my money back!" But she has already traveled from one destination to the next. I would love to tell a diner who had licked his plate clean to take it up with customer service, but that is a difference between trains and restaurants.

I hope the train conductor had the equivalent of a dish room in which to let loose with her co-workers before closing, and a cozy bar to de-tox in with them after. Ahh, the benefits of the restaurant industry. ;-)

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