UnderCover Waitress: Funny Vegetables and Serious Salmon

Monday, June 6, 2011

Funny Vegetables and Serious Salmon

Article is tongue-in-cheek, well written and entertaining. Regardless of the fact that the author is using humor to make a point, I couldn't take my eyes off of this little tidbit:

Suppose I go to a restaurant instead. I politely ask the waitress if she can describe the environmental footprint of the potatoes used to make the french fries. She cannot, so I cannot in good conscience order the fries.

How many of us have really, truly, waited on this character? I have.

"Foodies" as I so affectionately call them know nothing about food. They read an article or gourmet magazine, latch onto whatever is trendiest today, and grill the waitress about things they know nothing about.

I've gotten tons of the "Is the salmon wild or farm-raised?" When I tell them that it is farmed in the Atlantic around Maine and Canada, they wrinkle their noses and order something along the lines of factory-farmed, antibiotic fed cow.

The "experts" told them in the foodie mags that wild salmon is better because it:

  • has a stronger flavor
  • has a darker shade of pink
  • probably something about the evils of farming. 
The experts didn't talk about the parasites in wild salmon but not farm-raised salmon. Because farm-raised salmon are fed clean food, they do not carry the health risks of wild caught salmon. Not that all wild-caught salmon are swarming with disease, but it would be nice if somebody would write an objective piece about eating. 

So, wild caught should be cooked more than farm-raised. That is only an issue if you like rare meats, poultry and seafood. 

Regarding flavor, those with a sensitive pallette may taste more of a difference. But the farm-raised has a lovely flavor and meaty texture that salmon lovers enjoy. 

I'd rather wait on potato guy; at least he sounds knowledgable and consistent. And I could probably tell him something about where the potatoes came from and how their production effects the environment.
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  1. I am totally that person (salmon questioner). And you're right, I probably end up ordering some hormone injected beef when the salmon is farm-raised. Though, if farm raised in the ocean I'd be more inclined to order it than land (in a lake) farm raised. My reasoning for asking is not flavor oriented, but it is said that farm raised fish (not in the ocean) contain all the pesticides and toxins that water run-off dumps into the water in which they are raised. This is also true of beef, they pick up all the toxins and pesticides in the grass and whatever else they eat. So, now that I realilze I'm this person in this article, I'll ask about the beef as well. And then I'll end up ordering something toxic anyway, but I'll probably enjoy it. Just trying to make a conscious decision.

  2. Anonymous, you just made me smile with your honest and very cute post.

    Seriously, it is a shame that we are polluting our earth to the point that our food is toxic to us.


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