UnderCover Waitress: Dear Abby Gives Relationship Advice

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Abby Gives Relationship Advice

Many thanks to Dear Abby for another great response. In the Milwaukee Sentinel on March 30, 1963 "Buying My Breakfast" bemoans his wife's refusal to make breakfast for him. (Maybe she is a night person?)

So, this guy has been going to a local cafe for juice, coffee, and two donuts. What a gourmet. He thinks he is falling in love with the pretty little waitress who, unlike his wife, is awake, perky, and giving him everything he asks for. True to form, good ol' Abby points out that the waitress, just like his wife, does not wake up in the morning all made up and smiling. She is showered and made up for work, and is smiling because he tips her and, after all, she is there for the money.

People need to be reminded that we are smiling and being accommodating because it is our job and we are there for the money. If I didn't have bills to pay, do customers really think I would be on my feet for countless hours? People say, "how are you?" and I lie and say "just fine" as if I have been sitting down in a cool room for the last six hours. Just give me $10 for every $50 you spend on yourself, and we can forget about my sweat-soaked underwear chafing and the fact that my feet are on fire. That's the deal.

Abby tells the guy to try tipping his wife a buck every morning. $1 tip at breakfast in 1963 was pretty darn good money. I'd be smiling too, but I'd keep my rape whistle handy.

Waitress Wins His Roving Eye


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