UnderCover Waitress: You're Fired!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You're Fired!

Hopefully, I can title my blog post this way. To the best of my knowledge, Donald Trump has not trademarked the phrase...

Remember Megan Humphrey, the waitress who takes pictures of receipts with bad tips and posts them on Facebook? As far as I know, she has not been fired. Therefore, she would have no reason to join the little gem I found on Facebook, a group you join after you post an opinion about your workplace on Facebook and then get fired for bad-mouthing the company, or for not maintaining appropriate confidentiality.

The fun irony here is first they bad-mouth their employers on Facebook. Then when they get fired, they go back to Facebook, join this group and openly brag about getting fired for saying "X." I wonder if then they go looking for another job?

The poster-child for losing your job due to Facebook postings is Ashley Johnson, the Brixx Pizza ex-employee who posted her irritation with a couple who stayed late and tipped her $5. Hey, part of the job of waitressing is staying until your customers are ready to leave. Customers do not come into a restaurant to accommodate the staff, then pay us for the privilege.

There is a mariner saying, "Loose lips sink ships."

Check this out soon because Facebook is going to archive old groups.
Have You Been Fired Because of Facebook?

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