UnderCover Waitress: Warm and Fuzzy Friday

Friday, May 13, 2011

Warm and Fuzzy Friday

And we prepare to end the posting week this Friday morning with an "Aawwwwwwee" type of story. Sort of like when you are watching the news and they stop talking about recent murders and do a story on some kid's cat having kittens.

Big family eating out at a restaurant gets a surprise when they try to pay their bill: it's been paid by a stranger. Could be a random act of kindness. (Could also be a sociopathic stalker, but I'm a cynic.) The article is a nice thank you note.

The author rather spoils it by musing about things that make her family so wonderful as to cause another person to want to pay her bills. They thank Jesus for food and adopt kids that don't look like them. So, my family with children who came to be via vile, filthy, unholy (and enjoyable!) sex acts is inferior.

Of course, my first thought while reading this missive was, "Did they tip?" Sometimes, when one person pays another's bill, he tells the waitress to add on X percent for tip. (If you are ever so lucky as to have your dinner paid for by a stalker stranger, it is good form to leave some cash on the table for the waitress.) I can't resist asking, What Would Jesus Tip?

How Touching

Blogger was down for quite awhile these past few days. Have attempted to get the posts up, now that Blogger is back. Have a great weekend and see you Monday morning! 

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