UnderCover Waitress: Waitressing is Dangerous Work

Friday, May 6, 2011

Waitressing is Dangerous Work

It's true, but who'da thunk it?

Check out these news items:

First, in Memphis TN, a waitress was punched in the face when she gave chase to a patron who smashed his plate on the floor and skipped out on the bill. I doubt I would have given chase, but she was probably trying to avoid having to pay the guy's bill out of her income. The diner, a real Einstein, ended up paying $250 in bail instead $5.95 plus tip.
Punched in Face

Next, in Colorado, another definite Einstein relative makes eye contact with the waitress and lets her see his face. After he takes his drink from her, he pulls a stocking over his head and makes like he has a gun. Next time I want a free drink, I'm gonna put my hand in my pocket and stick out my finger.
Wait! Let me cover my face first. 

This nice young man knew that his neighbor worked as a waitress and, therefore, was paid in cash. As any good neighbor, he broke into her place repeatedly to take the cash. I think he was trying to tell her she needs a bank account.
Friendly Neighbor

And we end in sunny California with same old, same old. A guy who gets drunk, grabs the waitress and hits people. Yawn.  Yeah, I heard that one   before.

I think I am going to join a S.W.A.T. team. Or maybe the Marines. You know, something safer than waitressing. 

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