UnderCover Waitress: Twin Peaks Must Be White

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twin Peaks Must Be White

Yesterday, we talked about breastaurants. I notice a similarity when I browse news items about Hooters, Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt and whatever other "eatery" requires waitstaff to be female, young, and barely dressed. Over 90% of the waitresses in the photographs are white.

To see what I mean, check out the Babes of America's Biggest Breastaurants. (Warning: this may be borderline safe for work.)

Which makes this news item from the Orange County Register all the more interesting. Under most circumstance, I would applaud a community that puts its foot down and does not allow a restaurant to use our daughters as "bait." When the "bait" is a non-white waitresses serving non-white men, suddenly Orange County agrees with me.

Little Saigon has Vietnamese cafes that serve coffees and teas. They are places in which men come to smoke, visit, and drink coffee and tea. The female wait staff are reported as dressing in lingerie, which is somehow deemed offensive but the Hooters tank top is not? I've seen underwear that covers more than the orange Hooters shorts.

The police are cracking down on illegal gambling and gang activity associated with the cafes. They are also cracking down on smoking (which is illegal in indoor public places in California) and waitress attire.

Perhaps they will crack down on waitress attire issues in any and all restaurants, even when the waitresses are mostly white.

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