UnderCover Waitress: Soup Shower

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Soup Shower

I'm speechless.


This is hysterical. A guy goes out to eat and a clumsy waitress spills more than one bowl of soup all over him. Her response? "It's okay because it's just miso soup. No oils."

No, it's not okay. It is definitely not okay. And it's not okay that they guy proceeded to sit in his cold, wet, squishy clothing (complete with tofu and seaweed; very good for the skin when applied topically) and finish his meal as if it was okay. Not to blame the victim, however. Just imagining the scene and it does have a surreal quality.

It's also not okay that the non-oily soup had to be dry cleaned out of the guy's jacket. He claims he is not trying to get the restaurant to pay, just to apologize. I think they should apologize by paying. Yes, accidents happen. Yes, people apologize for causing said accidents. Yes, gracious people accept apologies. You can't accept an apology that isn't offered.

If this scene were in a movie, we'd all be falling out of our seats laughing at the slapstick and deadpan humor.

At least say you're sorry.

Blogger was down for awhile and now that it is back I seem to have lost two comments on this post. I can't seem to get the originals back, but did paste the copies from my email. 


  1. I agree! From your account, it sounds like she was just trying to avoid blame. If I did that to a customer I wouldn't be able to apologize enough!

  2. I am with blonde on this - I have done it once. 4 plates of Mexican food right in this one guest's lap [I claim being 8 months pregnant and losing my balance] I spent all night apologizing to the poor guy who could NOT have been more gracious and left me a sweet tip because he understood I didn't mean to do it. I felt just awful


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