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Monday, May 16, 2011


Remember Michael Lynn, psychologist and professor at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration? He is the guy who ran some studies on how various waitress behaviors effect tips. The next time you are at a family restaurant and the waitress squats like her knees just gave out, or worse sits down as if she is going to join you for lunch, you have Lynn to thank.

Which is why I love this quote:

Lovelace said he was “disturbed” when a waitress sat down at his table. He said he later called
       the mayor’s office to complain.


Truth be told, however, it's much more complicated than that. Lovelace is the president of the Copperfield Village Town Homes Association, and was dining at the Show-Me's restaurant in Naperville near his home.

Show Me's is a Hooters-esque establishment in which waitresses are slightly covered with spandex shorts and tops that expose their bellies. Naperville imposes it's own restrictions on the local eatery, including that waitress attire must be cuffed shorts, no spandex, and t-shirts long enough to be tucked in.

It seems there is a bit of a battle waging between the Copperfield Village Town Homes Association and Show-Me's your belly-button. Methinks that the Homes Association is not thrilled with Naperville's acceptance of a pseudo-Hooters in its neighborhood, which would explain the president of the association calling the mayor to complain. Officially, Lovelace alleged that the waitress was out of uniform -- she was wearing spandex shorts.

The Naperville Show-Me's spokespeople are more than happy to defend themselves. Why, of course they are running a good restaurant that benefits the community. Guess what? According toVice President Joel Hon, they even sell more food than alcohol. Good for them. That just about says it all.

Bottom line (no pun intended) is that professional servers wear more than just their skivvies, and do not cuddle up to diners sitting in booths or help themselves to an extra chair while taking a food order.

Naperville Drops Some Restrictions on Show-Me's

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  1. If a waiter/waitress ever sits at my table I say, "If you're joining us, you're taking care of the check."


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