UnderCover Waitress: Restaurants Spelled With a "B"

Monday, May 30, 2011

Restaurants Spelled With a "B"

"Breastaurants" is the term for the type of restaurant. No kidding.

Used to be daddys were worried about their little girls growing up to make porn movies or walk the streets. Today, daddy needs to worry that she might work as a waitress.

Oh, no! I have to wait on
my chemistry professor!
The Tilted Kilt, which claims to be an eatery, was written about in Entreprenuer Magazine online. The CEO claims that men come into the restaurant for more than just watching women. Supposedly, they have great food, beer, and a television screens showing sports. I don't see the guys in the picture (in the article) watching sports, and I highly suspect that if they had been served Gorton's fish sticks from the freezer section they would still be sitting there with the same stupid grins on their faces.

Why do I care? Because our sisters and daughters are not objects to be "eye-fondled" by men who are willing to pay for the privilege. We have gone from stewardesses fighting to not be publicly ridiculed at weigh-ins (such as in "The Managed Heart",) from women fighting to be given the same chance at education and work as men, from women fighting to be respected as working adults with dignity, to younger women encouraged to flaunt their bodies to make money.

The CEO says:

We sell on sex appeal, but we are sexy classy, sexy smart or sexy cute. Not sexy stupid or sexy trashy.

Excuse me? The uniforms are the very essence of trashy.

If it were really about being classy she would be clothed. If it were really about a smart "girl" (she is a woman) working her way through college she would be clothed. If it were really about the waitress service she would be clothed.

In closing, am reminded of an old "Seinfeld" episode in which Elaine notices that all of the waitresses at the local coffee shop are big-busted. She decides to expose the discrimination by applying to work as waitress while wearing a big shirt that makes her look rather small-busted. When she does not get the job, she is ready to file lawsuits until she learns that the waitresses are the daughters of the coffee shop owner which is why they all look alike. And he really does not need to hire additional help.

Am wondering what would happen if a bunch of professional waitresses who are older and have some meat on their bones all applied en masse to "breastaurants." Might be a great protest to put together.

Am also wondering if the CEO of Tilted Kilt would let his own daughter work there. 

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  1. Can I just say, I hate it so much when CEO's of 'restaurants' and 'coffee shops' that actually sell women's bodies say that their business' aren't smut because they are 'sexy classy'? Why is it 'sexy classy' to have uniformed shirts tied directly under the boobs...because the CEO said so? If you want to sell sex, you should be honest about it, and you should be honest about it to protect the women who work for you. Those restaurants are probably a more crappy place to work than strip clubs...because strip clubs openly admit to being such, and as such, have structures in place to protect women from over-eager clients.


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