UnderCover Waitress: Psychology: Restaurant Patrons Prefer Blondes

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Psychology: Restaurant Patrons Prefer Blondes

2011 finance graduate Melissa Galm studied waitress tip earnings with the only variable in the study being hair color. Waitress tips were recorded over a long period of time, they dyed their hair, and tips continued to be recorded.

Psychology article at the Holy Family University website describes the study and the results. Guess what? Restaurant diners prefer blondes.

In my ebook, How to Make Money and Bigger Tips as a Waitress, I discuss the importance of appearance and how waitresses must present themselves in order to make bigger tips from customers. If might not seem fair, but colorful tattoos on arms should be covered to earn the best tips. I never thought, however, to tell people to dye their hair blonde.

Anyone for some blonde highlights?

              Diners Prefer Blondes


  1. I guess I'm double-lucky.
    Not only am I blonde, but I am the ONLY blonde at my job somehow.

  2. Interesting. The place where the student did her research is a well known spot for people to hook up. I wonder if her results would vary in a more upscale or family oriented place.


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