UnderCover Waitress: Out of Context

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Out of Context

Picture this:

You call a week ahead of time and make a dentist appointment for 4:15. On the appointed day, you arrive at about 4:00 just a wee bit early. You walk up to the front desk and announce your name and that you are there for your 4:15 appointment.

The receptionist smiles politely and says to make yourself comfortable. So far so good.

A moment later, she approaches and lets you know that the dentist is running about 20 minutes late. He will be able to see you at close to 4:35 instead of 4:15. However, you are welcome to continue to make yourself comfortable in the waiting room, and can she bring you some water or coffee?

You throw down the magazine you've been looking at and start pacing. You yell at the receptionist "I have a 4:15 appointment! I called ahead! I'm here on time, what is wrong with you?"

"I'm sorry, but the dentist is running a little late, and will see you as soon as he can."

Your response: "I am never making an appointment here again! I can't believe how unprofessional you people are! You will never make it in the dentist industry!"

Embarrassed by this customer's behavior? Me, too. And the receptionist is probably thinking about calling security at this point. Nobody wants this uncivilized ingrate's business, anyway.

Unless, of course, this isn't a dentist's office and instead is a restaurant. Instead of calling security and getting a restraining order, the hostess is placating the fool by offering him free food and drink to make up for the egregious error on the restaurant's part.

Be real, people. Something is terribly wrong with a society that thinks behaving like a spoiled two year old is worth a free dessert. 

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