UnderCover Waitress: Mini, Kids, Small, Medium, Large, Grande, Mammoth

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini, Kids, Small, Medium, Large, Grande, Mammoth

Nice list of suggested tip amounts on the "I Got Stiffed" blog. A good one to print out and keep in the wallet. But that's not what this post is about.

This is a gem from the published list:

     Drive-Thru– $0. And check your bag. Your order is probably wrong.

Got a good giggle out of that. It brought back memories of other issues I have had with drive thru food joints.

Am not a fan of fast food, but back when the kids took dance lessons we would swing by Wendy's for chicken nuggets to nosh on the way home. Wendy's thinks it is Starbucks. They have developed their own fancy language that if you don't learn, you can't order. I shouldn't need a translator so I can give my kids junk and tell myself "it's protein."

End of the day, rush hour traffic, and I have two tired, hungry kids in the back seat. Am staring at the big "this is what we have" display desperately looking for a dollar menu or something. The voice coming out of the box wants me to order, as do the line of cars of behind me.

So I tell her what we want: "May we please have two orders of the smallest chicken nuggets you have?"

I get corrected: "We don't have chicken nuggets. We have chicken tenders." Silence.

Me: "Okay, so can I have two orders of the smallest chicken tenders?" As if that weren't bloody obvious.

Driving to the window, I am handed a bag and charged something ridiculously close to $10, if memory serves. Planning on spending $3, I am a little miffed and confused. The 20-something with the nose ring starts jabbering on and on about how if I had wanted the junior size I should have said junior, but this was the small size which is bigger than the junior but it's still the small size and if you want the junior then you have to say the word "junior" ... I drove off.

We switched to Burger King.

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