UnderCover Waitress: I'll Have What He's Having

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'll Have What He's Having

No, you won't.

Relatively big party, about 6 or 8 people. The Dad is a very nice guy and a good tipper. I'm glad I get the table. Anyway, Dad orders a Cosmopolitan, and I make a good one. Cranberry juice and real lime juice; I squeeze a bar lime instead of using the bottled stuff. Yum!

Like I said, Dad is a good guy. He's got a good sense of humor, good taste in food, and leaves good tips for good service. My kinda' customer.

Too bad the apple sometimes does fall far from the tree. His 16-something daughter is an entitled little twit. She looks up at me and informs me that she will have what her father is having. Gee, can you guess what I said next?

"Do you have ID?"        

She seems flustered and asks in a tone intended to insinuate my stupidity: "What, can't you make a virgin?"

Sometimes I like being stupid. Playing along, I ask, "Oh, I thought you said you wanted the same thing. So, would you both like virgins?"

Dad has too much class to say "Not a snowball's chance in Hell" but I can tell that is what he is thinking.  His "no" is emphatic enough. Not wanting to upset the man, I suddenly have a brain again and offer to bring one Cosmo and one virgin.

That could have been enough fun for one night, but this kid was too much. She wants the $30 filet and it is a wonderful meal. The meat is grass-fed, no antibiotics, etc. This brat is concerned, however, that it is not a large enough cut of meat and thinks she needs to order two.

Heck, I'd bring her a dozen in a heartbeat if I thought they'd pack up the extra and tip 20% on them all, but my delusions of grandeur are soon shaken. It seems that the adults at the table are not going to let little miss "I get whatever I want" to get whatever she wants tonight. Good for them. The kid begrudgingly decides to 'settle for' this sub-standard, much too small gourmet cut of meat cooked to order and to perfection.

Did she think there would be nothing else on the plate? Even the menu indicates the sides and trimmings included in the dinner.

Still, I like Dad. He tipped me well.  

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