UnderCover Waitress: Bad Tippers Beware

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bad Tippers Beware

Come back with my tip!!!
Megan Humphrey is probably her real name. And she works as a waitress in Memphis, TN. She says that for every one good customer she serves, she serves about six bad ones. Those are terrible odds.

Revenge is a dish best served on the Internet. Humphrey is taking pictures of the restaurant receipts with zero or bad tips, and posting them on her Facebook page. Incidentally, Humphrey's page is private so the general public can't see it -- or so I've been told.

Now, some of us, your truly included, get censored at some point in our writing careers for expressing our opinions. In general, there is nothing illegal about a private employer requesting that an employee refrain from some speech. Not very different from requiring that employees remove the nose ring while working. (No, Freedom of Speech does not apply here.*)

There is also nothing illegal about what Ms. Humphrey is doing. She is not posting credit card numbers, just names and proof of cheap behavior. She is embarrassing people (who are smart enough to know they should be embarrassed) for being cheapskates. No lies, no slander. I think I like this woman.

Facebook Revenge

*In short, Freedom of Speech prevents the government from stopping (peaceful) public assembly and expression. Hate speech has become an exception to this rule. Private employers may not discriminate. But I'm just a stupid waitress, so you should probably read the Constitution for yourself.


  1. The only way this bothers me is that although I may pay with a cc or debit card I always, always tip 20% plus in cash.

    My receipt would look as tho' I didn't tip and I would hate for it to be posted and be called a cheapskate.

    Bitterwaitress has had a bad tippers thread for years, but they don't post receipts just names and stories regarding tips.

  2. Ouch, good point. When I pay with a card but tip in cash, I often write "cash" on the tip line.

    It is a bit bold and rash to publish names, even though the FB page is private.

  3. I’ve always been a good tipper, rounding up to the nearest dollar past 20% and leaving the coins. But, I’ve always been uncomfortable with the tipping system. Unless the server was atrocious, I still always leave a nice tip. I can only think of a handful of situations where I didn’t tip well due to very poor service, and in those cases I still left 10%. The whole idea of tipping is to provide an incentive to the server to work extra hard for you. If tipping is expected and always provided, there is little incentive to the server. This story mentions nothing about how good or bad Megan is as a server. If she is consistently getting bad tips, I’d suggest her customers might be sending her the message that she is in the wrong career. Further, I would never want to be served by a waitress or eat in a restaurant chain that makes a practice of humiliating their customers on-line. I’d like to see her lose her job and/or for her restaurant to be empty. This story revitalizes my disdain for the tipping system, restaurant staff should be paid a flat wage like everyone else.


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