UnderCover Waitress: Waitresses Not Sexy Enough to Keep Jobs

Monday, April 4, 2011

Waitresses Not Sexy Enough to Keep Jobs

Waitresses Not Sexy Enough to Keep Jobs 

Here we go again -- blast from the past that we should never revisit. A current event involving women losing their jobs and means of support for no other reason than getting older, fatter, and not being sexy enough to fit into new skimpy costumes.

The whole thing stinks of a misogynistic pig-fest. Waitresses were ordered to strip in front each other; they had to remove their bras. Costumes were strewn about the floor and waitresses had to crawl around looking for one that would fit. Sizes were not marked.

The ladies were under the impression that the photo-shoot was to evaluate the costumes. They were wrong. The photo-shoot was to evaluate nothing more than their bodies. And to fire those who didn't have "the look."

Long-time waitresses were fired for "uniform violations." Read that: not anorexic enough. Healthy women with enough meat on their bones to work a full shift on their feet need not apply.

What is a Waitress Job Description?

A waitress takes orders, remembers who ordered what at each of her many tables, bring various courses, communicates with the kitchen, walks around the restaurant all night, makes drinks, and manages to be gracious all evening. She uses her brain and performs emotional labor.

She also most likely cleans the place at the end of the shift. She had better be healthy and energetic.

She is often responsible for her cash-out, so she better be smart and good at math. Waitresses must be extremely organized in order to efficiently get every aspect of their job done and done well.

What a Waitress is Not

A waitress is not a prostitute. She should not be dressed like one. She should not be fired based upon her thigh circumference or bra size.

No wonder so few people show respect for hard working waitresses. They think we are there for their "entertainment." Even management seems to hold this view; how could an efficient, long-time waitress lose her job over her waistline while a young, untrained and still skinny girl gets to work?

Obviously, management at the casino does not understand what a waitress really does. And any manager who thinks some rich john out to cheat on his wife is going to tolerate Twiggy getting his order wrong may have another think coming.

I hope these women win their lawsuit, get the casino shut down, and retire in style on their settlements. Sexual discrimination is illegal, and these women have been discriminated against. 

Associated Press reports on this news item:
Fired Casino Waitresses Sue

Excellent book on emotional labor and the mistreatment of women in the workforce:


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  1. I agree that that is bullshit.

    I also agree that they should win these lawsuits and retire in style. Thanks asshole management. They'll most likely end up richer than them now.

    visions unto myself


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