UnderCover Waitress: Toddler Served Margarita

Monday, April 11, 2011

Toddler Served Margarita

Odd how I just posted about alcohol stings this morning. Then this shows up in the news.

A toddler was served margarita mix instead of apple juice. While this was an accident, it was a potentially deadly one. Had the child finished his drink, he would have died.

Word to the wise who learn from this incident: always, always, always check your child's food. Check for heat, check for fresh, check for appropriate and correct.

Also worth avoiding big chain restaurants with high turnover; mistakes like this are more likely to happen when employees are transient, unprofessional and careless.

Addendum: Have been told (see comments) that corporate policy at Applebee's is to use these same jugs for different beverages and mark them with a different colored tape. This must be a cost-cutting measure that almost cost a toddler his life. It seems to me that corporate is ethically responsible for spending the money to hold beverages in the bar in appropriate and different containers. 

In mixup, toddler served alcohol at Applebee's restaurant, police say - CNN.com


  1. As someone who works for a corporate chain restaurant, and someone who worked for an Applebee's in the past, I think calling our employees "transient, unprofessional and careless" is a little harsh. I think the blame for this is squarely with the corporate policy of keeping apple juice and pre-made margarita in the same kind of container.

    When I worked there, the two drinks were kept in the same type of container, with the only difference between them being a single colored tape stripe. Then bartenders are given ridiculous time constraints for making drinks -- like 30 seconds for a margarita with five ingrediets, a salted rim, and an olive/lime garnish. I think anyone can make a mistake in that situation.

  2. Thank you for the explanation. I think we would agree that the corporate policy needs to change yesterday. As we have seen, and as you describe, this is an extremely dangerous situation.

    It would be worth the money to purchase different containers and mark them appropriately.

    Thanks again for coming to the defense of the workers and explaining how the problem came about.


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