UnderCover Waitress: Off Topic: My Visit to the Emergency Room

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Off Topic: My Visit to the Emergency Room

This post is off-topic, but I learned something important yesterday. If just one person reading this post learns the same thing, this post may literally save a life one day.

For the record, I have always had an iron stomach. Was at the elementary school yesterday making school lunch which I often do once per week. I started to experience something new: heartburn. Debilitating, extremely painful heartburn.

They sat me down and gave me milk, tums, and some bread because I thought it would help soak up the acids. Instead of getting better, the waves of pain got progressively worse and rose all of the way into my neck. Somebody offered to call my husband and I stumbled into the bathroom because I was now nauseous and dizzy.

Husband arrived and took me strait to the ER. Next thing I know, they are putting stickies on me and hooking me up to an EKG. Seemed like an odd response to indigestion, no? Last I checked, the heart and the stomach were two different organs serving different purposes, but what do I know? I didn't go to med. school. Have you ever read those stories about hospital employees getting patient charts mixed up and doing the wrong things to patients? Yeah, me too.

Signs of Heart Attack in a Woman: Heartburn, Nausea, Dizziness, Radiating Chest Pain, and more:
Understanding Female Heart Attacks
Heart Attacks in Women are Different from Men

The good news is that I had heartburn.

So, if you are ever serving a table and woman starts to suffer from heartburn, remember that it might not be heartburn.  

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