UnderCover Waitress: More Children Drinking in Restaurants

Monday, April 18, 2011

More Children Drinking in Restaurants

Well, this sounds familiar. A week ago it was Applebee's serving a toddler margarita mix instead of apple juice, today it is Chili's serving a 4 year old girl an alcoholic mudslide, complete with vodka, kahlua and rum.

Management is disputing the chain of events; they seem to feel that the child ordered a kid's punch drink and the adult was served the mudslide. Perhaps everyone deserves their day in court, but I would be surprised if the mother is not telling the truth.

Quote from the article by the child's mother:

          "I want it to never happen again. My goal is, I don't want this to happen to another child," 
           said Davis.  

Problem is, it already has happened to another child. 

I wonder if they carded the kid first.

Chili's Serves a 4 Year Old a Mudslide Instead of a Chocolate Shake

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