UnderCover Waitress: Life Imitates Art

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life Imitates Art

Remember the movie in which the customer runs out of cash and can't tip the waitress. To make up for his faux-pas, he promises to split the winnings of his lottery ticket -- if it wins. The sweet little waitress knows she is being stiffed by a cheapskate.

Except his ticket is a winning lottery ticket. And he really does split the cash with the waitress, much to his jealous wife's dismay. In the end, the movie was crafted to be a cute, heartwarming and uplifting comedy.

Not that anybody ever expects that to really happen. Waitress Patricia Eisel's story isn't a word-for-word repeat of the movie, but I doubt she is complaining. Ms. Eisel claims that she will continue to serve as the restaurant in which she has been working in spite of her millions. I do sincerely hope that her customers continue to tip.

Lucky Waitress Patricia Eisel Thanks Winter Storms for $21.5 million Lottery Win

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