UnderCover Waitress: I'll Have the To/MAH/to Soup

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'll Have the To/MAH/to Soup

Now that we have ascertained in my Dear Abby post that separate checks are for cheapskates (what? we didn't ascertain that?), the following is the best argument for why parties should request separate checks.

Had a very large party one night that was comical in far too many ways... They had a reservation for ten, but they just kept coming in the door like an avalanche. We were grabbing empty tables and walking them over to the big party in a relatively full restaurant. It's no easy task to not knock a diner upside the head with the feet of a table, which has something to do with why we like to have tables for large parties set up ahead of time. The tables didn't fit together but the customers just sat down and said they didn't mind.

These were all travelers from England staying at local bed and breakfasts. They were ready to enjoy themselves. Bottles of wine were bought and passed around, both reds and whites. Salads, appetizers to share, and entrees. Had some gentlemen at the table most interested in our small selection of artisan (and rather expensive) bottled beers.

Except one woman. When I asked for her order, she said "I'll have the to-MAH-to soup."

When she said nothing else, I asked politely: "Would you like the soup with the entree course?"

Her heated response, "It IS my entree!" End of discussion.

I watched the table closely. This woman drank water and ate only the soup with the bread that comes to the table for free. She did not share food that others ordered, although there was sharing at the table. I watched her place a piece of bread in her bowl, and cut it up with her fork and knife. She got every last drop of soup that way. She did not order dessert.

Her bowl of soup should have cost her about $6 before tip.

I was floored at how these people wanted to pay. They wanted the bill split evenly amongst them, rather than have me separate out what everyone had ordered. Done this way, each person owed about $34.

She paid $34 for a bowl of tomato soup. I hope it was good. 

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