UnderCover Waitress: How Not to Make a Sale

Friday, April 8, 2011

How Not to Make a Sale

This restaurant review is serious and its not a bad review -- sounds like the place is popular. The waitress, however, could use to learn a thing or two about salesmanship. Her foilbles made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. 

Remember, waitresses theoretically make a percentage on what diners order. So to make money, sell. How do you sell stuff? 

  • Be a professional. Know the prices, and if you don't know something, go find out.
  • Give the bad news -- the prices -- quickly and quietly, then
  • launch into what is wonderful about the thing the customer is considering.
  • When the customers talks, bite your tongue and listen. Make eye contact. Respond intelligently. 
When the customer trusts you know of what you speak, he will spend money on what you suggest. 

This is hysterical: 

"...our waitress helpfully told us that she thinks the company doesn’t want you to think too much about drink prices; they just want you to order drinks. This did not make us want to order drinks, ... other drinks ranged  from "about $4 to about $7" but she wasn't sure and made no attempt to find out..."

Of course we just want you to order stuff, but some of us know we have to work to get you to do it. I do sincerely hope our inexperienced friend in the review was able to make her rent.  

Buffalo Wild Wings in Cranberry

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